About Kite

The KITE (Knowledge Innovation Technology Exchange) Project is funded by the EU and Welsh Government and facilitates a proactive partnership between SME food businesses, affiliates (graduates/individuals with industry experience) and Welsh Food Centres (Zero2Five Food Industry Centre, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Food Technology Centre, Coleg Menai).

The KITE programme is designed to minimise disruption to business whilst optimising the potential for increased process control and maximising profits.

The programme focuses on developing companies’ technical expertise over a medium to long-term basis. This can be from as little as three months to  three years via both full and part time programmes. The food centre representatives will perform a technical gap analysis of your company to identify areas that could benefit from greater technical control.

The subject areas covered by the programme are varied and extensive, such as developing a company to BRC standards, new product development and efficiency analysis of the processing operation.

All programmes are goal and time managed and progress is monitored through a structured project management process overseen by food centre specialists.

The programme is open to Welsh-based, SME food companies that would benefit from accessing the knowledge and expertise.